Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Post 88-Happy Birthday Lea Michele!!!!!

Today is the amazing singer and actress Lea Michele birthday!!!! I love Lea Michele and have ever since I heard her sing in the musical Spring Awakening and I'm so happy to do my blog on her today!! Lea Michele Sarfati was born in The Bronx,New York on August 29,1986.She grew up in Tenafly,New Jersey.She in 1995 made her Broadway debut playing Young Cosette in Les Misérables and this was followed by the Broadway musical Ragtime in 1998.In 2006 she played in one of my Favorite Broadway Musicals,Spring Awakening!! I love her in that musical,love the music and all the rest of the cast as well.She then left the musical in 2008 and in 2009 got the role as Rachel Berry in my all time favorite show,Glee!! She is an amazing singer and I love her in glee.I think she is a wonderful actress and the new Barbra Streisand in the musical world.(although you can never replace THE Barbra Streisand but shes close to it).Lea Michelle is so inspiring when you see her act or sing.For me I think I want to be an amazing singer like her.She has inspired me and millions of other people and for that I love her even more!!! Thank you for inspiring me Lea.In honor of Lea Micheles birthday my quotes will be from her.

"I love Broadway World! I'm like such a dork; I wake up, get my cup of coffee, and am like, 'Let's see what's going on on Broadway World!'"-Lea Michele

"The first song I ever sang was 'Angel of Music,' and I haven't stopped singing since."-Lea Michele   

Her and Cory Montieth
"I remember looking up to Barbra Streisand, and thinking, 'Finally, someone who has a Jewish nose, who didn't get a nose job."-Lea Michele

"Broadway is the air that I breathe."-Lea Michele

Her as Rachel Berry
"I am a New Yorker. Every pore, every hair on my body is a New Yorker. I love the noise. I love the dirt. I love the smell. I love crazy people. I love every single thing about New York. It just makes me."-Lea Michele

"Ive always felt good about myself, that is to say, Ive always felt beautiful, but I didnt necessarily think other people thought I was beautiful. Glee opened my eyes. That's whats so great about the show, it includes all different types of beauty"-Lea Michele

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