Monday, August 27, 2012

Post 86-Happy birthday Yolanda!!!

her now 51 and she looks pretty good!
Today is the amazing gospel singer,Yolanda Adams birthday!!!!! Yolanda Yvette Adams was born on August 27,1961 in Houston,Texas.She started her career as a schoolteacher but decided to leave and become a lead singer.She started at Sound of Gospels Records in a choir as one of the lead vocalists.She released her first album with the choir in 1987 entitled, Just as I Am.In 1990s she was discovered by producer Ben Tankard and signed onto his independent label Tribute Records.She released lots of singles and albums with the label until 1998.She then went to Elektra Records releasing her first hit album, Mountain High... Valley Low.And from there released her best albums ever!!! She has received four Grammys and A bunch of other awards.I love her for her singing but I love her more for her personality and spirit.She's an amazing gospel singer and I love how she always brings out her religious beliefs in her songs and how faithful she is.She is loving to anyone and I love her for that.She just has a very uplifting spirit and always has an inspiring lyric to say in her songs.In honor of her birthday my quotes will be from her today! Happy Birthday Yolanda Adams!!!

Her album Victory.
"The people that we are having on our tour all came from the church. Most people of faith don't realize that these are also people of faith!"-Yolanda Adams

"I believe I can
I believe I will oh I will
I believe I know my dreams are real,are real
I believe I'll chant
I believe I'll dance
I believe I'll grow real soon,that's why
And that is why I do believe"-Yolanda Adams
(lyrics for I Believe)

"Save the world, feed the hungry people, clothe the little babies, lend a 

helping hand.
Save the world, feed the hungry people, show them we love and care."-Yolanda Adams

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