Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Post 81-First day of High School

Today was my first day of high school.High School for me starts in 8th grade because there isn't enough room in our Middle school for the 8th graders.So technically I'm not a high schooler yet but I kinda am because I'm in the High School and take a couple high school classes.So Yesterday I was enduring my last day of summer break and thinking about today.I was anxious,nervous and excited.But today when I walked into the school being a short 8th grader I actually didn't think it was that bad and after a while I got used to the new environment. I'm excited for this school year.My goals are to get good grades,start a dance team,and to improve on the French Horn. I'm hoping to have a good year and hope that everything works out even though I know it wont.There will be drama and PLENTY of other things that I will have to go through/deal with, just like every teen and High School is not only a time to get to drive a car,have love relationships,and prom, but also a time to learn who you are and get strength to stand up for yourself. Because these years matter a little bit as where I'm going to stand when it comes time to find a job or go to college. And if I don't do good in 8th and 9th chances are its going to be harder for me to be good in the upper grades.I want to have the best high school years I can have and I'm very excited to try and make my high school years the best I can make them! So Today since it's my first day of high school,my quotes will be about high school and the troubles in high school.

“True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.” ― Kurt Vonnegut (so true)

“Being kind is one of the hardest thing to be in high school because you're so terrified of being cut down yourself that you're always on your guard. But don't be like that. Be kind and you will be truly different. A standout. Unique and happy.” 
― Wendy Wunder, (from her book-"The Probability of Miracles")

“Take a limitation and turn it into an opportunity. Take an opportunity and turn it into an adventure by dreaming BIG!” 
― Jo Franz


1. We are here to help you. 
2. You will have time to get to your class before the bell rings. 
3. The dress code will be enforced. 
4. No smoking is allowed on school grounds. 
5. Our football team will win the championship this year. 
6. We expect more of you here. 
7. Guidance counselors are always available to listen. 
8. Your schedule was created with you in mind. 
9. Your locker combination is private. 
10. These will be the years you look back on fondly. 


1. You will use algebra in your adult lives. 
2. Driving to school is a privilege that can be taken away. 
3. Students must stay on campus during lunch. 
4. The new text books will arrive any day now. 
5. Colleges care more about you than your SAT scores. 
6. We are enforcing the dress code. 
7. We will figure out how to turn off the heat soon. 
8. Our bus drivers are highly trained professionals. 
9. There is nothing wrong with summer school. 
10. We want to hear what you have to say.” 
― Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak 
(I was trying to keep it some what positive but when I saw this I realized most of these are kinda true!)

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