Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Post 79/80-Happy Birthday Jamia and Paris.

Today is two amazing singers birthdays.And those singers are Jamia Simone Nash and Paris Bennett.I LOVE both these singers! They are both amazing singer,and just beautiful people.Jamia Simone Nash was born on August 21,1996.In 2002 at the age of six she sang Alicia Keys song "Fallen" at the Apollo Theater.She sang at a lot of places and is also an actress appearing in television shows.In 2007 she was in the amazing movie August Rush(A favorite of mine) as Hope and was the lead vocalist in the song Raise It Up.She Is an amazing singer and actress and has a lot of good opportunities coming her way.I love her singing,her personality,and her acting.She is always uplifting and is a inspiration to all kids who love to sing or act or anything! Here a a couple quotes from her.

"I do what I do to bring them joy." -Jamia Nash
 (about her fans)

"The most important thing is being yourself, not like everybody else."-Jamia Nash

Today is also Paris Bennetts birthday.Paris Ana'is Bennett was born on August 21,1988 in Rockford,Illinois.Her and Jamia from the time they were born were singers.She was raised in  Edina, Minnesota by her Mother and Step-father and began performing at the same age as Jamia(six).At the age of 17 she was talked into auditioning for American Idol(Season 5) by her grandma,Ann Nesby(Her biggest role model and inspiration)and her Grandpa.She didn't win but was in the top 5 finalists.She after that has lead out to albums and has 2 kids.She is an amazing singer and I love her personality and voice!

These two amazing singers are two big inspiration and I love them so Happy Birthday Jamia and Paris!!!!

"I wasn't taught to give up, if you're able to hang in, you're still No. 1. And I rediscovered that music is indeed my soul mate. Singing for me is about love, happiness, and the connection you make with yourself. It's helped me find out who I am."-Paris Bennett

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