Saturday, July 28, 2012

Post 63-Let The Games Begin

The Summer Olympics are finally here.The summer Olympics have been going for over 100 years and has been a part of so many peoples lives.I love the Olympics because, besides every single different language, religion, ethnic,and tradition,the Olympics is still able to bring every country together to play games that people love and love to watch in good competition.The modern Olympic games started in 1896 starting with lesser than 250 athletes.Now the Olympic games has over 10,000 athletes from over 200 different nations and over 300 different events.The Olympic games has inspired generation after generation and I am also very inspired from the Olympics.Just to do what you love,be a part of something so big,and win a medal while you're there is a dream and amazing.To go to the Olympics and do what you love while competing and meeting people all around the world is an athletes dream. And from watching the Olympics and all the great athletes it inspired me and billions of other people to go out in the world and let your talent shine.It has inspired millions of athletes to try to make it to the Olympics and to try to get that gold.To win for yourself,win for your country,and inspire others and that's the best thing in the world and for every single person.I love the games and hope someday to be there at the opening ceremony singing and/or dancing my heart out to celebrate the start of the Olympics.Today in honor of the Olympics my quotes will be about the Olympics and the power and inspiration it brings to every athlete out there.

"For too long the world has failed to recognise that the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement are about fine athletics and fine art."-Avery Brundage

"I have always had a dream to take part in an Olympic Games, and losing my leg didn't change anything."-Natalie du Toit

"It is the inspiration of the Olympic Games that drives people not only to compete but to improve, and to bring lasting spiritual and moral benefits to the athlete and inspiration to those lucky enough to witness the athletic dedication."-Herb Elliott

"It's been a dream for me since I was six years old to go to the Olympic Games and to finally have that dream realised is something massive for me."-Natalie du Toit

"Most other competitions are individual achievements, but the Olympic Games is something that belongs to everybody."-Scott Hamilton

"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well."-Pierre de Coubertin


"The Olympic Games are the quadrennial celebration of the springtime of humanity."-Pierre de Coubert

Let the games begin!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Post 62-Happy Birthday Amelia

Today is Amelia Earharts birthday.Amelia Earhart is the of epitome adventure and I love her! She was born on July 24th,1897 in Atchison, Kansas.She was very adventurous as a kid.During her childhood she did a lot of climbing,sledding,and exploring.She always wanted to fly as a child and did when she was ten which ended very badly,but that didn't stop her.She was an inspiration to all women in what she did.First person to fly across the Atlantic solo. She was one of the first women to become a pilot. She was very adventurous and always thought that women should be able to do whatever they wanted to do and I love her for that,and because of this women lots of other women also wanted to become a pilots. She inspires me to always explore,and to be adventurous no matter what the risks are. Thanks to this day she was able to inspire women all around the world through out her life.Today in honor of her kind-of-late birthday my quotes will be from her.

"Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace."-Amelia Earhart

"Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn't be done."-Amelia Earhart

"Please know that I am aware of the hazards. I want to do it because I want to do it. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be a challenge to others."-Amelia Earhart

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself."-
Amelia Earhart

Happy Birthday Amelia!                     

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Post 61-Sally Ride

Yesterday an amazing astronaut died and that astronaut was Sally Ride.Sally Ride was born May 26,1951 in Encino, California.She had a pretty good childhood and during her childhood loved science and excelled in science.During her college years she attended Swarthmore College,UCLA,and Stanford University.She got Bachelors degree in english and physics and a master's degree and Ph.D in Physics.She got into NASA when she answered an ad in the newspaper about the Space program seeking applicants.She joined NASA in 1978 and became the first women to go up in space. She went up in space twice both in the Space Shuttle Challenger.She helped build two satellites and the Space Shuttle's robot arm.She retired from NASA in 1987 and became a professor in physics at the University of California, San Diego.She also wrote books,started a company,and was on a lot of committees all to encourage kids to become astronauts and to teach kids about NASA.She received several awards for her work with NASA and her work afterwards. She is truly an inspiration to all women including me.She inspires me to always do what you love,that nothing is impossible,and to always try to express and teach people what you love. She was the first American women to go into space. She loved science and always wanted to teach other people and that's what I love about her. Yesterday she died at 61 after her 17-month battle with Pancreatic cancer.Today in honor and remembrance of her my quotes will be from her.
"But even in elementary school and junior high, I was very interested in space and in the space program."-Sally Ride

"The stars don't look bigger, but they do look brighter."-Sally Ride

"Yes, I did feel a special responsibility to be the first American woman in space."-
Sally Ride

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Post 60-John French

John French was an English fashion photographer.He was born March 1, 1907 in Edmonton, London.He lived in London for all of his life.Throughout his career he did fashion photography based on the 50s and its fashion.Today was the day of his death and I would love to honor him with his work.So today instead of using quotes I am going to honor him in the form of pictures.I Love John French, the fashion and his photography.! His work is now in Victoria and Albert Museum in London.May his photography live on forever!

Post 59-Happy Birthday Natalie

Yesterday was Natalie Woods birthday.I love Natalie Wood and think she is an awesome actress.Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko was born July 20,1938 in San Francisco,California. Natalie is of Russian descent and spoke both Russian and English throughout her life.Natalie for most of her life grew up in Los Angeles.She started her acting career at the age of four and acted her whole life up to her death.She was in a couple movies before landing the role as Susan Walker in the movie Miracle on 34th Street at the age of 8.After Miracle at 34th Street she went to be in a lot of TV shows and lots more movies such as Rebel Without a Cause and The Searchers throughout her childhood.She did a lot of movies  throughout her acting career, but she is best known for her work in West Side story(one of my favorites),Splendor in The Grass,and Gypsy(another favorite).I think she is so inspiring.She inspires me to try and be as great an actress as I can be and to always try my hardest.Today my quotes will be from her in honor of her belated birthday! Happy birthday Natalie!

"I was so young, and making movies, going to the studio every morning at dawn was magic."- Natalie Wood

"My mother used to tell me, No matter what they ask you, always say yes. You can learn later."-Natalie Wood

"I never knew motherhood could be so truly gratifying until I had Natasha."-
Natalie Wood

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Post 58-Ginger Rogers

Happy Birthday Ginger Rogers!!!!!!!!!!Ginger Rogers is one of the best entertainers of the of 20th century.I love her and I'm am so excited I'm writing my blog about her right now.Virginia Katherine McMath was born in Independence,Missouri on July 16th,1911.She was the only child to her father (William Eddins McMath) and mother (Lela Emogene).Her parents ended their relationship with a divorce and custody battle.She lived with her grandparents until her mom got remarried and she spent the rest of her childhood with her step-father(John Logan Rogers)and her mom.She got the name Ginger Rogers from her nickname Ginga which they turned into ginger and her step-fathers name rogers.Ginger Rogers got famous from being in the Broadway theater musical called Top Speed.From there she got a seven-year contract with Paramount Pictures.She was in several films before working with Fred Astaire but she was not well-known until her work with Fred.She is known for her work in the movies Kitty Foyle,the Gay divorcee,and my all time favorite Swing time. She has inspired many to dance. She was beautiful and good at everything she did.I love her and she inspires me just to dance and smile.Thanks to this day she was able to inspire the world and make 73 movies amazing.Happy Birthday Ginger Rogers!
"The only way to enjoy anything in this life is to earn it first. "-
Ginger Rogers

"When two people love each other, they don't look at each other, they look in the same direction."-Ginger Rogers

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Post 57-Unconditional love at camp

Its been a long time since my last post. The reason behind that is because I went to camp. From July 1st to July 9th I had the best time so far this summer and one of the most memorable times at camp EVER! The camp I go to is runned by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and the camp is called M.A.D(music and drama) camp.The camp is held at Shrine Mont in Orkney Springs,Virginia.Shrine Mont is amazing!Most churches have retreats there and it is a set apart place from the outside world. Everyone a Shrine Mont is loved and loves unconditionally and the staff and management are so nice and caring.My camp is based around unconditional love,being the body of god,and music. The camp is focused on a biblicaly based musical which we learn and perform for our parents at the end of the week.Meanwhile my camp also hikes,swims,and everything in between.I have gone to this camp 4 years now and every year I've LOVED IT! This year I had an awesome cabin and an amazing staff.So today in honor of camp and the staff my quotes will be from the staff members and from Shrine Mont.

The shrine where we praise him.

Staff Members of M.A.D. camp:


  •  The amazing Nurse Lynn
  • Paris Ball-Head director of all Shrine Mont camps.
  • Rosanna Hawkins-Director of M.A.D. camp
  • DJ Godinez-Music Director of M.A.D. camp
  • Sarah McGrath(Mcsarah)-Program Director
  • Connor Dolson-Art Director
  • Leah Hawkins(sister of Rosanna)- cabin Hydra counselor
  • Katie Franzel- cabin Mermaid counselor(my counselor!)
  • Virginia Lee-cabin Unicorn counselor
  • Hannah Gutman-cabin Phoenix counselor
  • Kevin Cole- cabin BigFoot counselor
  • Virginia
  • Jane Albertson-Out of cabin Counselor 

Connor playing the baritone

Kevin Cole
Connor as a zombie
Jane (the giraffe) Albertson

Kevin Cole
Jane Albertson

(Left to right)Rosanna and Paris with Rosanna's baby girl.

McSarah and Jane

DJ enjoying that watermelon 
-(DJ being the music director his number one quote which he says in his funny/trying-to-be-serious voice all the time is) "Learn your lines!"I will always remember DJ for his funniness and for this quote!
(from left to right)McSarah,DJ,and Jane.

My twin Sarah,McSarah and me
Sarah McGrath-Sarah McGrath is awesomeness! I love her! she always makes life a happy place!I love every year when she says
"We're going to hike NORTH MOUNTAIN!"
When shes says-"M.A.D. camp is here to show our passion for music and to love unconditionally in the body of god."
I will always love McSarah for her craziness and loveliness!

Katie and me
Katie Franzel-I love Katie. She always was enthusiastic and hyper! She was also very encouraging and nice. Something she said to us every night before we went to sleep was a couple verses from the bible which she loved and I grew to love too.
Luke 11:33-36-“No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light. Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy,your whole body also is full of light. But when they are unhealthy, your body also is full of darkness. 35 See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness. Therefore, if your whole body is full of light, and no part of it dark, it will be just as full of light as when a lamp shines its light on you.”
I will always remember and love Katie for her enthusiasm.

(left to right)Rosanna,Kevin,Katie,Virginia,Leah,Hannah,Connor,Jane,McSarah,and DJ.
I love all the counselors and I love camp. I have plenty of other quotes from M.A.D. staff but I'm going to save them for more post to come. I cant wait till another year of camp but until then I'm just going to live everyday like its my last and live everyday with unconditional love in the body of god! Love you camp MADLY!!

left to right:Leah,Justin Bieber(Jane),Kevin,DJ,Virginia,Connor,McSarah,Katie,Hannah,and Rosanna. 
With many more camp years to come!