Thursday, May 31, 2012

Post 27- Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is one person that inspires me in one way and one way only. How she got to the top. Even though she went through poverty, discrimination she is one person who worked her way up to the top. She is one of the most successful people  to make there way to the top. She had a bad child hood and didn't really have a mom or somebody that cared about her except for maybe her maybe father Vernon Winfrey. She never really knew her real biological dad but some people say its Vernon Winfrey. She was abused, and often moved around from her grandmas, to her mom, to Vernons. She got into radio at 19 and then got her way into television doing a day-time television thing until she got her own show. She was for a little while the only Black billionaire and now is a very wealthy person owning a lot of estates and having the high life. I like how hard she worked to get to the top. And do like her shows. I think she can be a little phony but every rich person or talk host has to be a little phony in order to get their fans. So today my quote is going to be Oprah Winfrey.

Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it. -Oprah Winfrey 

Follow your instincts. That's where true wisdom manifests itself. -Oprah Winfrey 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Post 26- Jazz and the soul

Jazz is one thing you can not replace. Jazz has been our culture for more than 100 years. Even before Louis made jazz popular there were some people that did compose jazz or at least have it in there soul before Louis Armstrong. But if it hadn't been for Louis all other music genres to come wouldn't have been made. Jazz wouldn't have been so big if it hadn't been for him.Today I was having trouble deciding what to write so I was looking at all the famous people  that have died on May 30th and just on this day alone three jazz players died.Then I looked up a list of all the famous jazz musicians,composers , etc. And I found so many jazz players that it wasn't even funny. Yeah there are plenty of musicians and singers out there but, jazz was the first big thing to Americans and to African Americans in America. And now we have rap thanks to jazz. We have disco thanks to jazz. We have so many other great people like Michael Jackson and The Temptations thanks to Jazz.We have so many talented jazz musicians,singers,composers and everything else that it is awesome. So,today my quotes are going to be from famous jazz musicians and these quotes are going to come from just some of the many jazz players that have inspired and influenced me a lot such as Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong,Scott Joplin ,Dizzy Gillespie,Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday. 

I stole everything I ever heard, but mostly I stole from the horns.-Ella Fitzgerald

If you copy, it means you're working without any real feeling. No two people on earth are alike, and it's got to be that way in music or it isn't music.-Billie Holiday

I think the idea is now for blacks to write about the history of our music. It's time for that, because whites have been doing it all the time. It's time for us to do it ourselves and tell it like it is.-Dizzy Gillespie

If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know.-Louis Armstrong

Art is dangerous. It is one of the attractions: when it ceases to be dangerous you don't want it.-Duke Ellington

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Post 25-Tim Hetherington

Today I will be talking about a photojournalist named Tim Hetherington. He was originally from the united kingdom growing up but during his career he lived in New York City, New York. He mostly did his journalism and took photos about war and the wars that were happening around him. He saw the world as a drank place and to that he saw the truth. He viewed the world as a dark place and wanted the world to know that it was a dark place.HE became very dedicated to photography and journalism. He worked a couple years in west Africa documenting the political challenges and how that affected other countries.  He was an investigatory for the United Nations Security Council's Liberia Sanctions Committee. He also helped make the documentary Restrepo.He died,April 2oth,2o11. He was 40 years old. He died while on the job in  Misrata, Libya during the 2011 Libyan Civil War. He made his ,mark clear. He loved what he was doing and risked his life for his job to share with people what it might be like to live in Libya during this decade or Afghanistan. And share the wars in this world with others.I am inspired by him and love what he did so today my quote will be about Tim Hetherington.

A lot of us were looking at guys shooting guns, and he was doing a much broader thing. I think in Afghanistan, too, Tim was taking photos that were just as much about manhood, brotherhood.-

Post 24- Memorial day

Memorial Day is an awesome but also very sad day for America.Memorial day is a day when we remember all those troops that have died to protect our country and honor them. It has come a tradition for Americans to go camping, have a cook out and other stuff on memorial day. It is a national and a federal holiday. But it also is very sad. WE honor all those have died for our country. Millions of familys visit their loved ones at cemeterys  across America. Lots of concerts are held and lots ceremonies happen on Memorial Day. All people should honor Memorial Day and its troops. So that's why yesterday I didn't have time to write was because I was taking a break and honoring my troops. But now I'm back. So anyways, todays quote is going to be about Memorial Day since yesterday was Memorial Day.

   As America celebrates Memorial Day, we pay tribute to those who have given their lives in our nation's wars.- John M. McHugh

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Post 23 - be grateful while you have it

I was watching this guy named Nick Mara. He is an Iconic Boy in the dance crew Iconic Boyz from Season 6 of Americas Best Dance Crew. Well they are REALLY GOOD dancers and after they almost won ABDC they went on to be on Shake it up. Had a tour thanks to their thousands of fans , performed at Madison Square Garden in New york and many other things. Well Nick Mara does some freestyle videos on YouTube and I was watching them and the song he danced to was really awesome. Its called All Back by Chris Brown. Usually I hate Chris Brown but this song is actually a good song. I also looked at lots of the interviews with the Iconic Boyz and they keep on saying that they are trying to enjoy fame while it lasts. Your life, Your fame, Your cheesecake, whatever it is, enjoy it while you have it. Yes you are going to want it back but you can say I made the best of it while I had it not Oh I regret not doing this or regret doing this. You be Grateful with what you have then and be grateful for what you have now and live. So Today my quote is going to be about living up to the highest standards possible. Living every day like its your last and being grateful that you have another day.

Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. -Oprah Winfrey 

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough. -Oprah Winfrey 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Post 22- Protect it

I bet you are looking at my title and going protect what? Well it all starts with this morning. I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom when I looked at my straightener spray and it said protect your hair and I think, there's more things we need to protect than our hair. So the point is we need to protect our earth. WE need to stop cutting down so many trees and then not replacing them or replacing less of them then we cut down. We need to stop littering and we need to start picking up the trash we have already made. I would hate to see everyone die because there is not enough oxygen. So you like how can I help? What can I do with the world we live in? Well you can conserve water, electricity and fossil fuels. You can also pick up litter if you walk by it on the street. Always pick up the trash you make. Don't use plastic water bottles just buy a water bottle that u can refill. Recycle. And there are 50 other ways you can help. Here is a link to a website if you want to know more about conserving. We have got to protect the place we live in. And along with that we are also protecting our animals. So todays quote is going to be about the earth and conserving it.

We can survive as a population only if we conserve, develop sustainably, and protect the world's resources. - Silvia Cartwright

You really want all this gone?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Post 21- Dreams

I believe that everyone is a dreamer no matter if you want to become a plumber or a superstar. I myself am a big dreamer. I want to be on Broadway. I have always dreamed of dancing my heart out on a stage. Being the first famous French Horn player. I love dreaming and reaching for my dream and never giving it up. Even if it doesn't work out I will always have in my heart. I love my dream and will always reach for it. Lots of people have inspired me to try my hardest to reach that dream and I want to be like them and make that dream not a dream but a reality. So todays quotes are going to be about dreams and the dreamers of our world.

  Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~Harriet Tubman

I'm a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds. ~Mike Tyson

Everybody's a dreamer. ~John Lithgow




Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Post 20- Martin Luther King jr.

What an amazing person. He is one person of several that I love and adore so much. He set the mark for all people of civil rights in America. He is one of many people,e to fight for civil rights. he is one man that gave his life for civil rights. He started with leading the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Then with his speech and with his concept of Massive Resistance. He is great person and saw that everyone no matter of race should have the same rights. So tonight my quote is going to be from Martin Luther King Jr.

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. -
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Post 19- Mistakes

We all make mistakes! Mistakes are an essential to life because you learn from them. All big successful people have made a mistake to get were they are. whether, they learned about it or accidentally made a mistake. I want to be a successful dancer,singer, and musician when I grow up. I've all ready made at least 100 mistakes and plan to make plenty more and learn from them. So today's quote s going to about mistakes.

Many people mistake our work for our vocation. Our vocation is the love of Jesus.- Mother Teresa

  A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.- Albert Einstein

Monday, May 21, 2012

Post 18- Alica Keys

Alica Keys is an extraordinary person.She made her way up and became a best selling R&B star. I love her music and her words. She sees music in an awesome way and that's why I love her! She inspires me to become what she is ,except with my own regularity, So today my quote is going to be from Alica Keys.

I believe Aids is the most important issue we face, because how we treat the poor is a reflection of who we are as a people. - Alicia Keys

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Post 17- Agnes de Mille

Agnes de Mille,I wish I had met her or Martha Graham or both! Agnes grew up in New York, New york. Her father was  William C. deMille an Hollywood director.She at first wanted to be an actress but she was told she was 'not pretty enough' so then she turned her attention to dance. She then wanted to do dance but back then it was considered an activity not a beneficial thing so her father said no. Then when her younger sister went into dance to try to cure her flat feet she went along and did dance lessons too. But she wasn't that good and didn't have that much flexibility. She learned more about dance by watching ballets. She knew the passion of dance. She ended up being an brilliant choreographer and an excellent dancer. She was best friends with Martha Graham and brought a whole new way of choreographing on Broadway. She and Martha Graham made the concept that it is about showing the emotions of a character, plot ,the passion in dancing not just technique and what that dancer can do. So today all the quotes I present are going to be from Agnes de Mille.


A good education is usually harmful to a dancer. A good calf is better than a good head. -
Agnes de Mille

Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little.
Agnes de Mille

Modern dancers give a sinister portent about our times.
Agnes de Mille

No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently.
Agnes de Mille

The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.
Agnes de Mille

The creative urge is the demon that will not accept anything second rate.
Agnes de Mille

The practice mirror is to be used for the correction of faults, not for a love affair, and the figure you watch should not become your dearest friend.
Agnes de Mille

The truest expression of a people is in its dances and its music. Bodies never lie.
Agnes de Mille

The universe lies before you on the floor, in the air, in the mysterious bodies of your dancers, in your mind. From this voyage no one returns poor or weary.
Agnes de Mille

Theater people are always pining and agonizing because they're afraid that they'll be forgotten. And in America they're quite right. They will be.
Agnes de Mille

To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.
Agnes de Mille

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Post 16- Rock

 The word Rock can be meant in several ways. I could be talking about an actually rock or I could be talking about the musical genre rock or I could be talking about rocking a baby. There are so many ways to put that. Today I am talking about rocking your body. About the pop word rock. Do you know how many songs Micheal Jackson as made with the word rock in the title Or how many songs the Black Eye Peas have released with the word rock in the title.I love dancing and every time I hear the word rock I think dance and passion.  I also think Micheal Jackson and Black Eye Peas. The word Rock inspires me to get up and dance every single time so that's why today my quote is going to be about rocking your body!-

Imma be on the next level. Imma be rockin over that bass treble.-Black Eyed Peas

Friday, May 18, 2012

Post 15- Beautiful

Beautiful. How do you describe beautiful? This is the definition-
Having beauty;  having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind
But you see there is way more to the meaning beautiful than that. There are way more meanings that you or me can't even describe. The way god made you. All the nature of the earth. So many people helping others everyday. Twin love. There are so many things and ways to describe beautiful. Today is such a beautiful day that I thought to write about the word beautiful today. There also is the heart. The definition before you only talked about  seeing the outside part of the word beautiful. Not the inside which is a rip off because elementally that's what counts. So I am going to try to be beautiful and be myself my whole life. But if I get off I will pray to the beautiful one! So today's quote is a quote I love that describes beautiful pretty well!-

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.-

Friedrich Nietzsche

If there are dreams about a beautiful South Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal. Two of these roads could be named Goodness and Forgiveness.-

This is in south Africa.

Nelson Mandela

I meant to only do the second one but I found the quote from Nietzsche and couldn't resist!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Post 14- Acheivement

Today was our last band concert. There is only 15 1/2 days of school left and I'm excited! I have played the French Horn for two years. I've come very far! I did this thing in February for band. It's called district band. It's basically where all the county's band students that are honors come together.What you do is you audition for it. Then if you get in you spend two days practicing several songs all day and then perform them. Out of the whole middle school district band I was the only one from Warren County Middle School to get in. So what does this have to deal with now. Well I was received my medal and certificate tonight. And I felt such a sense of achievement for me and the rest of the band. Because they have come very far too. Just cause nobody else got in doesn't mean there not as awesome. It is an optional activity. It does take some commitment and effort. Only three auditioned this year in the first place. I think more people could have made it if they auditioned but if is what it is! It also has to deal with what instrument you play. Lots of trumpets,flutes,and clarinets usually try out. The French Horn and low brass have more of a chance to get in because not s many people try out. We had a trumpet, a clarinet, and me. So today my quote is going to be about achievement and success.

Coming to understand a painting or a symphony in an unfamiliar style, to recognize the work of an artist or school, to see or hear in new ways, is as cognitive an achievement as learning to read or write or add. -
Nelson Goodman

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Post 13- My baby

I have a baby. Its name is horny. It's actually my french Horn. I love playing the French horn. Love the way it feels. I love the way it sounds. I love everything about it. I call it my baby because I love it that much. I have so much passion for my French Horn and playing it. I have so much passion for music. Today my quote is going to be about instruments and music. 

God gave me the gift to be able to play instruments and I have to play. -
Lenny Kravitz

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

pictures that inspire me!

This picture was taken by Robert Frank and if you look at the newspaper you can see its talking about Marilyn death.

this is picture of Audrey Hepburn.

Post 12- Pictures

Pictures mean a thousand words. The world is such an evil place and you can't always see the works of god in the world because the the devil tries to close them. For me I have always been sad about the world. About how greedy it is. But I always see the good of the world through pictures. I will stay up all night just to look at Google images and in every image I see something good.  I have always been one for pictures. Even though I desperately want to become a professional musician if that didn't work out I would become a photographer. Pictures tell a thousand words and they are a big inspiration to me. So today my quote is going to be about pictures and images. 

Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected. -
Robert Frank

This picture was taken by Robert Frank and if you look at the newspaper it talks about Marilyns death.I have plenty of pictures to show you that inspire me. My computer is slow so I am going to put all the pictures in a another post. I hope all of you have enjoyed my blog so far and continue to follow it.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Post 11-Margret Thatcher

 Today I watched The Iron Lady. A movie about Margret Thatcher. She had to go through war and pain everyday. First with just being in the parliament. Then running for prime minster. Then for how she ruled and her decisions. The fact that back then and even now women stayed at home. Women cooked and cleaned not ran  for prime minster. For that concept that I can do anything I please and want no matter if I'm a male or a female. That I can do anything the man can do. For her representing that concept so strongly that I love her for. She is one of many who stands up for the women race and their rights.So today my quote is going to be one from Margret Thatcher.

Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction. -
Margaret Thatcher

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Post 10- Mother's Day

Today has been a wonderful day. Today it is mothers day. I went to church. I sang for her. Then afterward we went and had Japanese food. I gave my mom a gift and she loved it. We had a wonderful day but there is something lots of women don't know. It's that no matter if we have children or not all women are mothers of god! And I think its very important that we honor our mothers and thank them for all that they do! So today my quote is about all the mothers of god. 
 -The love of a mother is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the heavenly Father.-
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Post 9-Money

Today I have done a lot of things. Today I have also spent a lot of money. So today my quote is gonna is going to be about money. Money is an awesome thing and a horrible thing. It has brought a huge greedy shadow over the world, But it has brought on our survival. My mom got her a taxes back thanks to god so today we have been shopping. I got my nails done and bought some lip gloss. It has been an awesome day. I hope everyone got there taxes back. So here's my quote. 
Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God - the rest will be given.  - Mother Teresa