Saturday, May 26, 2012

Post 22- Protect it

I bet you are looking at my title and going protect what? Well it all starts with this morning. I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom when I looked at my straightener spray and it said protect your hair and I think, there's more things we need to protect than our hair. So the point is we need to protect our earth. WE need to stop cutting down so many trees and then not replacing them or replacing less of them then we cut down. We need to stop littering and we need to start picking up the trash we have already made. I would hate to see everyone die because there is not enough oxygen. So you like how can I help? What can I do with the world we live in? Well you can conserve water, electricity and fossil fuels. You can also pick up litter if you walk by it on the street. Always pick up the trash you make. Don't use plastic water bottles just buy a water bottle that u can refill. Recycle. And there are 50 other ways you can help. Here is a link to a website if you want to know more about conserving. We have got to protect the place we live in. And along with that we are also protecting our animals. So todays quote is going to be about the earth and conserving it.

We can survive as a population only if we conserve, develop sustainably, and protect the world's resources. - Silvia Cartwright

You really want all this gone?

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