Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Post 25-Tim Hetherington

Today I will be talking about a photojournalist named Tim Hetherington. He was originally from the united kingdom growing up but during his career he lived in New York City, New York. He mostly did his journalism and took photos about war and the wars that were happening around him. He saw the world as a drank place and to that he saw the truth. He viewed the world as a dark place and wanted the world to know that it was a dark place.HE became very dedicated to photography and journalism. He worked a couple years in west Africa documenting the political challenges and how that affected other countries.  He was an investigatory for the United Nations Security Council's Liberia Sanctions Committee. He also helped make the documentary Restrepo.He died,April 2oth,2o11. He was 40 years old. He died while on the job in  Misrata, Libya during the 2011 Libyan Civil War. He made his ,mark clear. He loved what he was doing and risked his life for his job to share with people what it might be like to live in Libya during this decade or Afghanistan. And share the wars in this world with others.I am inspired by him and love what he did so today my quote will be about Tim Hetherington.

A lot of us were looking at guys shooting guns, and he was doing a much broader thing. I think in Afghanistan, too, Tim was taking photos that were just as much about manhood, brotherhood.-

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