Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Post 73-Herman Leonard

                                                                              2 years ago today someone amazing died.This person was and is one of the best photographers EVER in my eye.This person is Herman Leonard.Herman Leonard was born on March 6,1923 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.He went college at Ohio university earning a BFA degree in photography.After college he apprenticed with portraitist Yousuf Karsh for one year.Karsh gave him valuable experience photographing celebrities and public personalities such as Albert Einstein, Harry Truman and Martha Graham.He in 1948 opened his first studio in New York's Greenwich Village. In New York he spent his evenings at the Royal Roost and then Birdland, Photographing famous jazz musicians and singer such as Duke Ellington,Billie Holiday, and Dizzy Gillespie.He was an UNBELIEVABLE photographer and he captured each person he photographed so well.He is truly amazing and I love his work.He inspires me as a photographer to look more deeply in to anything I'm taking a picture of.They say a picture can say a thousand words but his pictures don't say a thousand words his pictures say a billion.He died but his work and him live on Forever and I will never forget him!Today I will show you some of his photography because they tell the story about him and the people in the photos not me.

Both are Frank Sinatra and both tell him.Beautiful pictures

Helen Merrill and this picture captures her.

Billie Holiday.I feel as though she's looking into her hurt at that moment.

Billie Holiday and her wonderful way of expressing herself while singing.

Louis Armstrong and no better picture would've brought out his love for music as it does in this picture.

you just let go of life and breath in the music.



               Enistein and he captured him perfectly.

Ella Fitzgerald is shown in these two pictures as being an excellent singer, that is very graceful and somebody that could make me laugh.The women that everyone loves and wants to be with and that was Ella.To capture her in just two pictures and to know her like that is extraordinary and that's what Herman Was Able to do.Love you Ella and Love you Herman Leonard.

Miles Davis
Lester Young tells it all.

   These two pictures describe and remind that for me and for Louis,Ella,Billie,for every musician and singer,for every dancer and performer,The stage is my home and theirs.To know every single time I get on stage that Ella was once in the spot light on a stage like me its just amazing and I just want to thank Herman for showing me that and inspiring me in his pictures.     


Farewell Herman But we will never forget what you have done to change the world!

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