Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Post 66-Marvin Hamlisch

Yesterday an amazing composer died.That composer was Marvin Hamlish.Marvin Hamlisch was born June 2nd,1944 in New York,New York. At age seven he was accepted to Julliard School  Pre-college division.He started his career from being a rehearsal pianist for  Barbra Streisand.He went from that to being a brilliant composer,winning all four major awards and two Golden Globe awards (4 Emmys,3 Academy,4 Grammys,and 1 Tony).His two most famous compositions is his adaptation of The Entertainer By:Joplin in the movie The Sting and the song The Way We Were which was a huge success.He has composed for many other movies such as Sophie's Choice,The Swimmer,A Chorus Line and Take The Money and Run.I love his music and I'm very inspired by his music and think he is amazing.We have lost a wonderful artist in our world and we will unfortunately lose more.We always need more artist to fill the place of those who have left us and he will bring many more composers and artist into the world thanks to his work.He brings the composer out of me and I love him! He will live on in his music and will inspire many other people forever.He is truly amazing! Today in honor of Marvin and his beautiful work my quotes will be from him!

"I was always drawn to Broadway musicals, and obviously composers like Gershwin, Rodgers, Berlin and Porter were writing music that I found wildly impressive."-Marvin Hamlisch

"I started studying music at the age of five and a half. My older sister was taking piano lessons. When her teacher left our apartment, I would get up on the piano bench and start picking out the notes that were part of my sister's lessons."-Marvin Hamlisch

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