Monday, June 11, 2012

Post 38-Happy birthday Gene Wilder!

I remember the first time I watched Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. I was 4 or 5. I remember thinking how does Willy Wonka eat that lemon cup. Gene Wilder is such an awesome actor. He wanted to bring a fantasy to so many kids and ,adults too, and so he did. He was born on June11,1933 in  Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His original name was Jerome Silberman. He had a hard childhood with his mom being diagnosed with rheumatic fever. He tried to make his mom laugh to help her fell better and at age 8 he realized his acting talent. His mom sent him to Black-Foxe, a military institute in Hollywood because she didn't she felt that his potential wouldn't be fully realized in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There have been several reports that Gene was abused and and bullied for being the only Jewish boy there so he later went back to Wisconsin and got involved with the local theater. He graduated high school and went to The University of Iowa. He then did lots of medical things as well as acting classes.In 1957 his mom died of ovarian cancer and 32 years later his wife died of the same cancer.His first acting job was on a TV series called The DuPont Show of the Week. Then he went on to do lots of movies and TV series but he is most known for his role as Willy Wonka. I love the way he presents himself and love his acting. He's very funny and loved by millions of people.So today my quote will be from him since today is his 79th birthday. My he have more birthdays to come and more pure imagination in his life.

I don't mean to sound - I don't want it to come out funny, but I don't like show business. I love - I love acting in films. I love it.-Gene Wilder

Willy Wonka: [singing] There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you'll be free if you truly wish to be. 

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