Sunday, September 30, 2012

Post 102-Happy birthday Truman Capote

Today is Truman Capote's birthday. I LOVE Truman Capote.He is one of the best authors ever in my opinion and I'm excited to do my blog on him. Truman Streckfus Persons was born on September 30th,1924 in New Orleans,Louisiana.His parents divorced when he was four and he moved to Monroe,Alabama to live with some of his Moms relatives.He lived there for about five years.His neighbor and friend while growing up there was author Harper Lee who later wrote the 1960 novel To Kill a Mockingbird,with the character Dill being based on Capote.In 1933 he moved to New York to live with his Mom and her second Husband,Joseph Capote.Truman was adopted by his step-father and given the name Truman Capote.He grew up the rest of his childhood in Greenwich,Connecticut. He attended Trinity School and Greenwich high school for is education.It is said that Capote found his talent at age 11 and that he always carried a notepad and dictionary around with him as a kid.He had a very sad and lonely childhood and was said that he was always known as the "different one". And His first novel Other Voices,Other Rooms(LOVE THIS TITLE) explains that. I love this story and I haven't even read it yet(looking at summary's of this book online). This story is based on his childhood and what it felt like growing up and realizing his identity as being Homosexual .He described the book as "a poetic explosion in highly suppressed emotion." It was published in 1948.He then took a break after that and went into stage and screen.Then in 1958 Breakfast at Tiffany's: A Short Novel and Three Stories was published.My favorite movie was based on this novel and I LOVE this book. I thank him SO MUCH for his creation. Because without him my favorite movie wouldn't have existed and I wouldn't be the person my am today. I am speechless when it comes to describing how much I love this book and just how it came to be. All I can say is Thank you. His final book was In Cold Blood which was on the unexplained murder of the Clutter family in rural Holcomb, Kansas.It took him four years to research and write the book.He became well acquainted with lots of the towns residents and everyone that was involved in the investigation.It is also said that he even knew the murders and went to go see them often.The book was published in 1966.Truman Capote died on August 24th,1984 in Los Angeles,California.But His work will live on forever.He has inspired me so much.He has inspired me to write more often,to write about things that are different and out there.And he has inspired me not to hold back.Thank you Truman Capote.I Love You! Today my quotes will be from him.

  "a poetic explosion in highly suppressed emotion."-Truman Capote

 "A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That's why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet. "-Truman Capote

"Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act."-Truman Capote

"I don't care what anybody says about me as long as it isn't true."-Truman Capote

  "Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor."-Truman Capote

 "Finishing a book is just like you took a child out in the back yard and shot it."-Truman Capote

 "No one will ever know what 'In Cold Blood' took out of me. It scraped me right down to the marrow of my bones. It nearly killed me. I think, in a way, it did kill me.Truman Capote

 "Love is a chain of love as nature is a chain of life." Truman Capote

"Sometimes when I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe." -Truman Capote

 "Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go." -Truman Capote

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