Thursday, September 13, 2012

Post 98-Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!!

Today is my Grandpa Normans Birthday! I love my Grandpa Norman very much and it is sad but amazing to know that today is his 80th birthday! My Grandpa was born on September 13th,1932 and is my Moms dad.He was a Colorado Square Dance caller for more than 20 years.He also was an electrician and fixed  stuff on a regular bases.He when born had a tremor in his right hand at the time everyone wrote with there right so whenever he wrote it was a little sloppy, but that didn't stop him from becoming a writer.He is also a poet and has recently published a book with is art work.I am very inspired by is poetry and his wisdom! I love my Grandpa and I think he is so inspiring in his poetry! Love you Grandpa and Happy 80th Birthday!!!!  

My Mom in his hands!

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