Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Post 93-Happy Birthday Mitzi!!!


Today is the amazing Mitzi Gaynors birthday! She was born on September 4,1931 in Chicago,Illinois. She from the time she was born was a entertainer! She moved to Hollywood when she was eleven and started her career as a dancer and singer at the age of 13.By the time she was 17 she signed a seven year contract with Twentieth Century-Fox.She has acted in several amazing movies such as There's No Business Like Show Business,Anything Goes,and South Pacific.In the late 60s and so on she stopped acting and did television appearances and sang instead.She has sang at several award ceremonies and has appeared on lots of television shows.I love Mitzi Gaynor. She is such an inspiring character in acting,singing,and dancing.She is so funny.Mitzi is a wonderful and beautiful person and is always a person I would love to have tea with! Today is her 81st birthday so to honor her birthday my quotes will be from her.

"“I never worked with a stinker- how great is that?”-Mitzi Gaynor

“The best part of making South Pacific were Rosanno and Lydia Brazzi- two treasures of my life. Rosanno would walk around so in love with himself- “Mitzi Gaynor- I’m so gorgeous- could you imagine not having a good time with someone like that.” (recalling her work with South Pacific)


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