Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post 95-Rest in awesomeness Kay!!!

Today is the death anniversary of the amazing actress,Kay Kendall.Kay Kendall was born in East Riding of Yorkshire, England and grew up in England for all of her childhood.Her first major film was Dance Hall.She then got really popular in Genevieve (1953).She was in a series of movies called the Doctor Series.But she is most known for her work in the movie Les Girls.Les Girls is also the first movie I saw her in and the movie that made me fall in love with her! Kay also won an Golden Globe award for best actress in the movie Les Girl.She was known for her funny rumor and her ability to be a fool on camera but not be become considered vulgar in real life. I love Kay Kendall and its unbelievable to think that this is the day she died only 32 years old when she died.Today my quotes will be from Kay in honor of her life and her work.LOVE you Kay!

 "If I was a man I'd have nothing to do with me."-Kay Kendall (Her in Les Girls as Lady Sybil Wren)

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