Sunday, September 23, 2012

Post 101-Happy Birthday Mickey Rooney!

Today is Mickey Rooney's birthday!!! I've been waiting for his birthday to come for a while now I'm so excited that's it finally come!!! I love Mickey Rooney and to do my blog on such an awesome person is an honor! Mickey Rooney was born on September 23,1920 in Brooklyn, New York. From the time he was born he was a  performer. Both his parents were in vaudeville and he did his first performance when he was just 17 months old.He started his career in a small short film series playing "Mickey McGuire" in 1927. He did this series from 1927 to 1936.He then in 1937 got the role of Andy Hardy in the movie A Family Affair.(That was the first movie he and Judy Garland worked together in.Judy Garland and him ended up being best friends for the rest of their childhood and life until she died.)It was a big hit and the producers  ended up making a sequel to the movie. Mickey Rooney was also in several other movies through his teenage years and by the time it was the 1940s he was well. known. He also got a special Juvenile Academy Award in 1939 for his work.He joined the military during World War 2.Serving from 1944 until shortly after the war ended.He helped entertain the troops and was a radio personality during the war and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for entertaining troops in combat zones.After the war and throughout the rest of his career he was in several movies and television shows.Some of the movies I love him in -obviously my favorite movie of all time-Breakfast At Tiffanys as Mr.Yunioshi, National Velvet(The first movie I ever saw with him in it),The Fox and The Hound,and It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.He has had one of the longest careers of any actor starting from 1922 to present(his latest film being The Muppets) and has won 10 awards.He had seven different wives before finding the love of his life in 1978.He has nine children and nineteen grandchildren. This day has also been a kinda painful for him because his second born son died on his birthday in 2006. He has always loved his family and his career and has moved on.I LOVE Mickey Rooney and his personality.He has always inspired me to just be myself and to never stop doing what you love.Today to celebrate his 92nd birthday my quotes will be from him!

Him as Mickey McGuire with his her dyed black

"I was a 14-year-old boy for 30 years."-Mickey Rooney

"There may be a little snow on the mountain, but there's a lot of fire in the furnace."-Mickey Rooney

"Judy and I were so close we could've come from the same womb. We weren't like brothers or sisters but there was no love affair there; there was more than a love affair. It's very, very difficult to explain the depths of our love for each other. It was so special. It was a forever love. Judy, as we speak, has not passed away. She's always with me in every heartbeat of my body."Mickey Rooney(referring to Judy Garland and her death)

"You always pass failure on your way to success. "-Mickey Rooney 

"When I say I do, the justice of the peace replies, 'I know, I know...' "-Mickey Rooney

"Always get married in the morning. That way if it doesn't work out, you haven't wasted the whole day."-Mickey Rooney 

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