Monday, October 8, 2012

Post 103-Happy Birthday CeCe Winan

 Priscilla "CeCe" Marie Winans was born on October 8,1964 in Detroit, Michigan.She started her career in 1995 with her debut album  Alone in His Presence.She has made ten albums.She has won 8 Grammys and 20 Dove Awards.She is such a successful gospel singer but all these awards and achievements isn't what I'm inspired by.What I'm inspired by is her passion and soul in music.I think she is one of the best gospel singers ever,not only because she has a great voice but also because she is so passionate and has so much soul when she sings.She puts the truth into what she sings and  is not just like some singers who "just sing".She does more than "just singing", she inspires.So today to celebrate her birthday my quotes will be from her.

[About wanting the children available to travel with her]: "These are the years that I need watch them the most. They're going through little adolescent changes; they're growing up, and it's real important I'm not away from them for long periods of time. Sometimes I want to make them go with me whether they want to or not. Home-schooling has allowed me to do that."-CeCe Winans

[About Whitney Houston, who's her best friend]: "We're like sisters. We laugh forever, have a good time."-CeCe Winans

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