Friday, October 12, 2012

Post 104- Happy Birthday Josh Hutcherson!

Today is Josh Hutchersons birthday! Joshua Ryan Hutcherson was born on October 12,1992 in Union,Kentucky. He has wanted to be an actor since he was 4.He started auditioning when he was nine and moved to California because of the limited opportunities in Union.The first movie he was in was American Splendor as robin.He wasn't really known until his performances in Polar Express,Little Manhattan, and Bridge To Terabithia.In 2008 he was in Journey To The Center of The Earth and his latest -and to some - greatest movie that he's in is The Hunger Games.I Personally thought he did a fantastic job playing Peeta, which from reading the books seems like a very hard role to play.My two favorites roles that he's acted is the role as Laser in the movie The Kids Are All Right and as Jesse Aarons in the movie Bridge To Terabithia. I love Josh not just because he's cute but because he's a fantastic actor and that's not an opinion ,that's a fact.He holds himself up high and is a very good out in public unlike some other singers and actors( "cough"*Justin Bieber*). I am very inspired with his acting.How deep he can be.How he can pull you in.In the Hunger Games books it repeatedly talks about  the way Peeta talks and the way he looks at you, that you could believe anything that came out of his mouth.That he could say something so weak and make sound so powerful.And I think Josh Hutcherson has the same gift.I am inspired by how pose he is and his acting and someday hope to be able to touch people with words without knowing.Today to celebrate his 20th birthday my quotes will be from him.

"As an actor, you imagine every single day on set. So, as we already use our imaginations every day anyway, we just have to stretch it out just a little bit farther and imagine that, not only are we different people, but we're in an entirely different world. Sure, it can be hard sometimes, but you just have to use your imagination and rely upon everyone else to give you the right tools you need to make it seem real."-Josh Hutcherson

"I never really read a character before that I connected with more than Peeta. So, for me, if I couldn't get that job I was like, 'Well, if I can't play practically myself in a movie, what can I play?" -Josh Hutcherson


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