Friday, November 16, 2012

Post 106-Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!

My Moms birthday is today!!!!! Shes 31!!!(we'll just say that's the age.... ;) ) So today I want my blog to be about her! My mom is amazing. She has always been there for me and my siblings. As a single parent with twins(Sarah and I),A boy(11,Nate,my step-brother),And a little girl(8,Alexandra,my step-sister and a handful!) she has raised us well! She has kept food in our tummies,a roof over our head,and clothes on our bodies as well has giving us things we want...not everything...but almost, I applaud her for that!!!! For making sure we kept our grades up and trying to get to know who our teachers at least were(kinda hard to do with twins in 8th grade-both of us have totally separate teachers-with a middle schooler and one still in elementary.) I thank her and feel grateful for that,even if she often can't remember their names. The support she gives us with everything we do in school and in life is amazing. I thank her most for her support with my sister and I as we have done band since sixth grade and she has supported me very much the last two years with my decision to try out for all-district band.And I made it last year and plan to audition this year! For the endless Christmas concerts,gallons of milk and boxes of Ritz, for the dramatic stomps up the stairs and for the roof over my head today I say I love you mommy and I will always love You!!!!! And last but not least....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

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